Review of pics on nikon d3100

Review of pics on nikon d3100 says:

I have recently noticed that I will be in the middle of shooting and all of a sudden a message is displayed that the camera cannot read pic in the format. Strange, because I have been shooting in JPEG.
I will continue shooting and pics will be displayed. Right now I pics that I have taken but cannot view them. Please advise if I need to throw my camera over the cliff!
11:29PM, 25 April 2019 PDT (permalink)

vintage 1953 & wackymoomin says:

Have you tried another SD card?
When you offload your pics do you always format the card afterwards? Could be corruption.
Worth a go.
Originally posted 16 months ago. (permalink)
vintage 1953 & wackymoomin edited this topic 16 months ago. says:

No. its a new card. It was the same thing with the previous card. This card is being used for the first time.
16 months ago (permalink)

moemay9 says:

find your camera menu, try reset the camera

also new card should be formatted before use
16 months ago (permalink)

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