Review: The ONA Bowery Bag for Everyday Photography

Ona Bowery Camera Bag Review

The Bowery by ONA Bags

These days, no piece of photography equipment excites me more than a good camera bag.

Or even better, a practical, light, good-looking camera bag.

I’ve been a fan of ONA bags for over a year now and the Bowery is one of my favourites.  It’s small and made for traveling light.  I carry it around almost daily.

Well padded and well made, the bag has water resistant, waxed canvas (and believe me, I’ve tested the water-resistant part out), leather details, and beautiful brass hardware.

Ona Bowery Camera Bag Review

Perfect for sightseeing, everyday use, and street photography

The bag is made for the smaller sized camera, such as a rangefinder, mirror-less, micro four thirds, or a point-and-shoot.  I use it primarily with my Fuji X100s, however, it fits my Canon 5D Mark II and monster 24-70mm lens, and I use it somewhat frequently with the 5D Mark II and light 28mm prime lens.  Remove the small divider and it can fit an iPad Mini.

ONA also describes the ONA Bowery Bag as an insert, which makes a lot of sense.  I recently took a trip where I flattened the bag into my luggage and used a larger camera bag to carry my equipment from place to place.  When I arrived, I popped the X100s and some batteries into the Bowery each day and it was a freeing experience for photography.

A freeing experience for travel.

A freeing experience for travel

At $119, the bag is not necessarily cheap, but it is more than a good deal for the quality and functionality.  And when you factor in the wear and tear saved on your joints, it could save you a lot down the road.

If your significant other lugs around too much equipment, then the ONA Bowery Bag is the perfect holiday gift to convince them to lighten the load.

Ona Bowery Camera Bag Review, Interior Shot

Fuji X100s, Digital Recorder, and three extra batteries. Insert can be removed to fit an iPad Mini

Padded, waxed canvas, leather details, and brass clasps.

Padded, waxed canvas, leather details, and brass clasps

Fits a Canon 5D Mark II with 28mm lens.

Fits a Canon 5D Mark II with 28mm lens

If you are ambitious - 5D Mark II and 24-70mm EF lens.

If you’re ambitious – Canon 5D Mark II and 24-70mm EF lens


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