Ricoh drops GR II price $100 three weeks after announcement

Yes the old model had been discounted as it was, wait for it, old. At launch the GR was $800 so now this is $100 cheaper than the old version. Doesn’t add that much, sure, but neither do lots of updates. The RAW preview thing would be enough to upgrade and if the WiFi is decent is a nice addition. Not amazing, but heck the original GR has already had significant updates via FW over the course of its life that made it quite a bit better again. The extra raw buffer etc is welcome and not so different from say:

D4 to D4S
M to M-P
X-A1 to X-A2
650D to 750D
NEX-5R to NEX-5T
EOS-M to M2
X100S to X100T

Etc etc etc.

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