Ricoh issues fifth feature-enhancing upgrade for GR Digital IV


Ricoh has released firmware v2.30 for its GR Digital IV enthusiast compact. The latest update is the fifth for the GRD IV, and adds a couple of features, slightly modifies the camera’s behavior and fixes some minor bugs. The latest update brings the white balance options of the GRD IV into line with the more recent, large sensor, GR model, for which Ricoh has also said it will provide function-enhancing firmware.



I really like how Ricoh, Pentax and Fuji keep releasing updates to their cameras well longer than other manufacturers.

Definitely something I consider when buying a new camera.


I love my GR…

Johannes Zander

Wish Nikon would do that for V1/V21

M Hamilton

Ricoh is awesome, adding features to a 3 year old camera. Still love my GRD IV


I agree.

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