Ricoh’s newest lens roadmaps show four upcoming K-mount lenses

It’s not so strange (the 11 primes), since 2 are macros, 3 are “kit-priced” lenses that are sometimes bundled with cameras, and some only work on APS-C (or at least are advertised as such). Of the four FA (FF) lenses at the bottom, two are moderately priced and two are premium.

Also, Pentax is more of a prime-oriented system, once you get into it. Nikon tries to lure you in through their nice f/1.8 G primes, and Canon practically makes you you dive in kicking and screaming with their premium-priced L primes. Many Canon owners never get past the zooms, or don’t understand why they should. And perhaps they’re right – at least for their uses.

Same with the zooms – if you understand the history of them being APS-C only so far, combined with an understanding of the pricing tiers and kit models. I think Nikon has older (and many more older) lenses in their current catalog. Which could be a strength.

So these primes are simply:

3 premiums
3 moderates
2 moderate macros
and 3 kit lenses.

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