Royal Photographic Society announces medals touring exhibition for International Members’ Biennial competition

I believe that not every accomplished photographer is gear-oblivious. Case in point, it looks like the author of “Joie de Vivre” (the horse) likes fast shutters; the tips of the hairs of the mane and the tail look frozen in air.
And, on other technicalities, one staple discussion here (more often than not scoffed at as pointless) is about sensor DR, especially across brands. I wonder, though, if the author of Leading Actress/photo 11 would settle for a so-so sensor? (No crushed shadows, nothing miserably blown next to the light bulb… yet probably shot at a high ISO.)
So yes, there is a possibility that they are around here right now bitching & bickering about shutter shock, compressed RAW, equivalence…

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