Rumors of inexpensive Fujifilm X-series camera hit the web

You are missing the point. Why does, every good, new, and progressive benefit, have to take about three steps back; in other known areas? IP BS? We need to stop that.

I don’t know, all there is to know; but you should listen to folks; even if you disagree with them. You might actually learn something, from discussions.

Of course, anyone can post in here, and that includes, the folks working with Sony, Fuji, and Canikon, Oly, Pany, Penny-Tax, etc…

All we really have here, is reason, including logic; about the facts. We can’t verify anyone’s credibility here. You know; at some point, you can only go on, with the thing, as best you understand them. There are people here who bleed photography, and it’s not the manufacturers, and the folks who bought their sob stories, about selling at a loss. LOL. Wake up! Any company selling units WORLD-WIDE, is doing quite well, trust me. But hey, first thing, that folks do is over-spend, and you know what? That’s bad. It’s not OK; to be least bad.

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