Russian gay rights story wins World Press Photo contest for Danish photographer

@ogl, the heart is a muscular structure that has evolved for the purpose of pumping blood around the vascular system. It is neither a measurement nor sensing device.

The brain, of course plays a vital role in material analysis so you are definitely on to something there.

I haven’t found the New Testament very useful in terms of answering pretty much anything new in the world over the last two thousand years. I couldn’t, for example, find the part numbers for the windshield wiper blades for my Subaru in it anywhere. It also fails to either mention explicitly or even vaguely predict any of the patterns of the universe discovered and described over the last thousand years or so, including those that led to your ability to make these puzzling statements electronically from so far away.

I’m glad to hear that not everybody in Russia shares the point of view about gays expressed by your political or church leaders, or explicit in the actions of those who bash gays to death.

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