Samsung adds premium and consumer 16-50mm lenses to NX system

20-50 had no OIS whatsoever. Not a very smart move I think. Samsung camera’s have no USP. Sony NEX has them (best sensor, extremely small bodies), Panasonic (video is state of the art and a multitude of good lenses, lots of different bodies to chose from), Oly (5 -axis IBIS, great lenses), Nikon 1 (very small, very good PDAF, can use all Nikon lens with it via an adapter). Fuji X-series (great styling or at least distinctive, renowned for its great sensor, very high qulaity lenses).
Samsung…I honestly don’t know. they almost always seem to borrow good ideas of others, like the tilting EVF now. But bunled together, they do not seem to be tempting to many users.

If NX30 has EM1 like AF,very good video and gets alittle bit better in IQ (the NX300 sensor is really good already) it is a good start for a better future.

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