Samsung NX1 First Impressions Review updated with shooting experience

I have not looked at the 45, as I have no interest in that focal length. The 30 is sharp, but the distortion is high, is highly corrected electronically, and more importantly, it is too slow (in APS-C I need a 1.4) and the bokeh is horrid.

Those pancake lenses were designed around size, weight, and most importantly, cost. I do not mind paying $1000 for a lens I will use for tens of thousands of shots over the years, and am willing to deal with the size and weight. The pancakes were designed for the little LCD-only cameras, and were meant to be small, light, and cheap, and give sharp pictures. They are not what I am looking for.

I dunno, since everyone seems to be into zooms these days, it could be that since Samsung has the two most common angles of view covered (24-70 and 70-200 on 35mm), they will not go back and make the fast primes that the traditional systems such as Canon and Nikon have. I hope they do, but we will have to wait and see.

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