Samyang says five of its full frame lenses now available in Sony E mount

I hardly expected Samyang to turn around brand new optical designs. This series of lenses took some years to develop and produce, and seem to be something of a success for them. They presumably decided to modify the lenses to capitalise on the market that Sony will (based on historical evidence) fail to provide for, and negate the problems caused by adapters, without going “deep” enough as to do a complete redesign. It’s common business sense, really.

Sadly it means these lenses won’t balance very well on the A7/R, but Sony aren’t in the business of making well thought-out complete mirrorless systems, so the options are a) use adapted Leica and suffer the blurry corners, b) use Samyang and suffer the extra bulk, or c) hope and pray someone eventually makes something that fits your needs.

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