Sanna Dullaway Adds Color to the Most Iconic Photos in History

This is an expression of artistic reality. The quality, from the thumbnails, seems quite good.

More importantly, these are derivative works of merit. Sometimes the photographer chooses a specific medium for printing, other times he or she is forced to use a particular process by technology limitations. A black and white print may be chosen for it’s impact – but often it was the only available technology for prints.

For all of history humans have lived in a color-filled world, but for more than half of photographic history our prints have been black and white by limitation, not by choice.

Migrant Mother and Alfred Hitchcock, imo, are better in B&W. Most of the older photos seem more “period” in B&W, but that’s just a function of decades of only seeing pre 1940s in B&W.

I interpret your opposition to all colorization as an extension of this classic Calvin & Hobbes cartoon about how the world was actually B&W long ago:

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