Seattle showcases its ‘pictures of the year’

InTheMist, the other 3 posters will not be able to “enter” next year, if you read it, the Seattle Pi only has two photographers on staff, Joshua Trujillo and Jordan Stead. So you won’t see anyone else photos next year, as its not a contest. Hence why to me its underwhelming to see an article like this in DPreview, especially since there are so many better online Photo Journalist websites, even major newspapers have better photo blogs then the Seattle PI, one thats popular online is the who have photo contributors from around the world. (which you can even submit to if you like). I feel the Seattle PI only got an article here on DPreview since it is owned by, who have partnered with Hearst Interactive Media, (who own the Seattle PI) So to me this feels like it is nothing more then an advertisement to bring people to the Seattle PI (kinda of like an article in a magazine that looks like an article, but really is nothing more then an advertisement)

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