Seeing More Creatively with Bryan Peterson


Bryan Peterson is well known for his photography books and workshops. He’s also now one of the featured photography teachers on Adorama TV. You can get his book Learning to See Creatively on

In these three videos Bryan gives us a few tips on doing just that.

Seeing Creatively

This first video is a quick tip on using Selective Focus:

In this second video Bryan is leading a workshop, ironically on the Oregon coast where I was just two weeks ago. This video shows how to get creative shooting things on the beach.

Make note they are shooting a starfish but they did not harm it or pull it off the rocks which can damage his little arms (please take care to do that if you are shooting on a beach for last week’s photography challenge). 

Lastly this video shows three quick tips on how to add motion to your images in an abstract and creative way.

Hopefully these have given you some ideas to get out and shoot.

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