Shooting Experience: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000

I’ve ended up with a mix I like, using 18-1080mm (equivalent) lenses on my Nikon 1 system in good light (including under a clear sky after sunset), but switching to my FX camera in low light, high contrast, situations. And for landscape, if that is my mission of the day!

Inferior IQ is often claimed for the 1″ cameras, but the stunningly good shots I’ve taken, and other people take, with the new 70-300CX, simply isn’t possible with any FX gear a non-millionaire can afford (where can you buy a 200-800 lens, to begin with, at any price?!).

And well treated, including some PP, the new V3 has shown to be a very good performer, with little noise up to ISO 3200.

I’ve handled the RX10, but, sadly, that was tiring to carry round (the grip wasn’t made for my hand, that’s for sure), and I prefer to be able to clean the dust off the sensor myself, not paying a lot for someone else to do it for me (how much would that cost for a RX10, a couple of hundred dollars — probably more?!).

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