Shooting with the Canon PowerShot G3 X

Well, you can also attach a wonderful portrait lens like the 45/1.8, or an ultra wide zoom like the 7-14/4, 9-18mm, etc, and any number of other specialty lenses. The 12-50mm rather than the 12-42mm wouldn’t add much more weight in any case.

So yes, adding more lenses costs more money and means more weight, but it gives you a lot of options that a fixed lens camera does not. I fail to see the logic where interchangeability is a bad thing, it’s simply different. May be better or worse depending on needs. Different doesn’t mean incomparable either, if there weren’t differences, there would be no point to compare in the first place.

A Nikon 1 system camera with 70-300 would merit comparison as well if you’re looking for extreme reach tele in a small package.

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