Shooting with the Samsung NX30

The NX20 body is selling about $729. (link in second paragraph for NX20) This NX30 as an update could be about the same, I imagine, once available. Would make it a possible good alternative over buying a EM5 or Panasonic G for those that want larger APSC sensor at 20MP. Plus Samsung has a few lenses to use, which is also in the link at bottom of that page.
Like the rotating screen, and titling EVF, APSC sensor, grip.

Never really liked the small NEX bodies of Sony, as perhaps too small in proportion once lenses are attached. Perhaps only my opinion, but Sony may have been better off using this type of body for its NEX APSC line, as lots of consumers upgrading from P&S still perceive the DSLR (compact or regular DSLR body) and equate with image quality, whether right or wrong. That is how Nikon in entry level, and Canon Rebel market them.

Samsung could sell a lot of these NX30.

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