Sigma 24-35mm F2 DG HSM A real-world sample gallery posted

I love the skin tones, Rishi. They’re fantastic.

I think sometimes people get stuck expecting an abstract, Platonic ideal “skin tone” that somehow exists independently of a given environment and the character or color of its light. Words like “accurate” get tossed around as though sensing perfectly tawny tan skin for every person, in any light is something a camera could do, something it should do, or something that we want.

Maybe I’m alone, but I *do not* want that.

I like your portraits here, Rishi, because you’ve let the environment’s light develop the colors we see, “skin tones” included–you didn’t try to jam “Skin under perfect 5400K Profotos” into moodily warm or cool ambient situations.

I don’t disagree that different camera sensors and processing offer different inclinations and advantages, but I think people squak *way too much* about brand “skin tones” without paying attention to the light that actually makes their photographs, “skin tones” included.

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