Sigma announces availability of 35mm F1.4 DG HSM for Sony and Pentax

FA31/1.8 Ltd is different lens. Smaller, lighter and with very special image characteristic. Not to mention some (small) difference in angle of view. Comparing these two is a bit apples vs oranges.

But its nice to have this 35/1.4 option, as new FA35/2 now costs silly amount of money and DA35/2.4 is optically good, but cheapo-build lens and not that fast considering aperture..

This sigma 35/1.4 is faster, shows better bokeh and might also be as sharp as FA35/2 + have a bit less CA.. but also is bigger, heavier and I’m not sure about carrying it a lot instead of my FA35/2…

Btw, Sigma, I’d like to have some small 10mm F4 rectilinear lens, please 🙂

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