Sigma blog posts tips for photographing 4th of July fireworks


Sigma has posted an informative article on its blog by photographer Jack Howard, sharing tips on how to photograph fireworks. The article comes just in time for the 4th of July celebrations in the USA, but is equally relevant to various festivals, year-wide, all over the world. Tips include obvious pointers like making sure you have a good, sturdy tripod, but also more detailed advice about how to set up your camera’s exposure and focus modes, as well as how to trigger exposures. Click the links below to go straight to the article at

And for those wondering how to shoot fireworks with a smartphone, be sure to check out our 5 tips for great fireworks photos with your smartphone over on



Timely article and greatly appreciated!

One further question: what would be a recommended color temperature setting?

Thank you.


For outdoors, I keep the camera on its built-in daylight WB setting. That produces an initial colour rendition that I find easy to work with. If you find anything off, you can easily fix it in post and apply the setting to the entire filmstrip. IMO it produces a fairly “neutral” starting point.

As long as you shoot in raw, it doesn’t matter though since you can just equalise the entire shoot in just a few steps, and with night shots it matters even less. I just found working from a daylight setting beneficial for my tastes, and it also captures changes in ambient light rather nicely.


if you’re shooting jpeg, set your white balance ahead of time.

normally, i tend to favor the warmer side of things, but with fireworks, i find that i favor cooler white balance settings. i almost always shoot raw+jpeg, so i have options. if i shoot jpeg it so i can share without pp. I shoot raw in the event that i get one that i really like, but could be better served with a few touches.


The 2nd link is not working


First time I took fireworks, was too far away…

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