Sigma USA announces price and availability of DP3 Merrill


Sigma USA has announced the price and availability of its DP3 Merrill large sensor, fixed lens compact. The camera will be available from March 2013 at an estimated street price of $999. It is nearly identical to the earlier DP Merrill models featuring the familiar 15x3MP APS-C Foveon X3 sensor, but with a 50mm (75mm equiv.) F2.8 lens.

Press Release:

Sigma Corporation announces pricing, availability of Sigma DP3 Merrill compact camera

Pocket-size, 46-megapixel camera available in early March for street price of $999

RONKONKOMA, N.Y., Feb. 22, 2013Sigma Corporation of America, a leading researcher, developer, manufacturer and service provider of some of the world’s most impressive lines of lenses, cameras and flashes, has announced that its DP3 Merrill compact digital camera will be available in early March for the street price of $999. 

As the final camera in the Sigma DP Merrill lineup, the DP3 Merrill features a high-performance 50mm F2.8 lens, which is equivalent to 75mm on a 35mm SLR camera. Like the previously released DP1 (19mm F2.8) and DP2 (30mm F2.8) Merrill cameras, it is equipped with the Foveon X3 direct image sensor, which uniquely produces outstanding resolution and a natural rendering with rich gradation, resulting in a 3D feel.

“The trio of DP Merrill cameras is a complete compact camera tool set,” said Mark Amir-Hamzeh, president of Sigma Corporation of America. “While the DP1 Merrill and DP2 Merrill cameras are known for their wide angle and standard range, respectively, the DP3 Merrill delivers impressive optical performance for mid-telephoto and macro shooting.”

Other features of the DP3 Merrill include: 

  • A unique, dual, Three-layer Responsive Ultimate Engine (TRUE) II image processing engine, which is dedicated to Foveon X3 direct image sensors to improve the processing speed and overall quality of the final image, and provide high-resolution power
  • The use of Special Low Dispersion (SLD) glass that is accompanied by aspherical lens elements to compensate for a variety of aberrations and allow for a more compact size. The superior telecentric optical design improves image quality throughout the frame and adds depth to the image
  • A minimum focusing distance of 8.9 inches and a maximum magnification ratio of 1:3, which can offer quality macro shooting
  • Easy-to-use auto focus that features a nine-point select mode to set the desired focusing point from nine different frames, and “free move mode,” which can move the desired focus point. Manual Focus is available when autofocus or focus lock is not desired
  • The new Face Detection AF prioritizes focus on the face of the subject when detected by the sensor. AF Limit Mode can adjust the range of auto focusing and “Shutter Priority AF” offers faster focus adjustment by stopping the live view to increase the speed of the auto focusing. The new AF+MF mode adjusts the focus manually after verifying the AF by rotating the focus ring
  • RAW+JPEG format recording
  • The supplied image processing software, Sigma Photo Pro 5.5, converts RAW data quickly and easily. It renders the full, 46-megapixel data. SPP 5.5 is an easy-to-use editing software with all the necessary functions needed to process an image. Moreover, the new Monochrome Mode makes it possible to generate monochrome images by fully optimizing the Foveon X3 direct image sensor capabilities

For all additional information on the DP3 Merrill, click here. For information about Sigma Corporation of America, visit, or follow the company on Twitter and Facebook.



sorry couldn’t help mysef..


In Europe they want 1099€ or what currently translates to 1447$
THAT is one big huge leap from the US price of 999$
Very reminiscent of the 3K$ vs. 3.1K€ for the RX1…


In Japan, Sigma has just started cash back campaign for $250-600 for any who currently owns any sigma digital camera. If you own DP2 Merrill, you can buy DP3 Merrill for about $550.


sigma marketing is just weird.


And what if I own a DP2s?


I wonder what does this foveon sensor can do that would lead someone to buy a Sigma DP instead of a NEX-7 or NEX-6 plus one of the EX DN sigma lenses for almost the same price.


I may buy one Merril, despite all the horrible quirks it has. Being non-Bayer sensor, the rendition of foliage, for example, is just nothing short of amazing. Just need to decide what focal length would be best for me.


It’s really a shame that Ricoh and Sigma are the only guys offering prime (fixed) lens compacts.

Having that said, these DP’s offer remarkable quality.

It would be nice to have a high quality 35mm lens on something cheaper/smaller than the X100.


what is new in this release? BH is already taking preorders at 999.


This is what Fuji should do with their X100 line (been wishing on that for a while). Three different bodies with 3 different lenses. I’d carry 3 X100’s, each having a different focal length (35, 50, 85 in 35mm equiv), and never have to change lenses again.

Matt Random

Just curious for what sort of application you wouldn’t mind carrying 3 complete cameras?

I’m not trying to bash or anything. I’m just curious.

Ulfric M Douglas

I carry three bodies with a lens on each : on “taking photos” days.
(Olympus), so this three-lens lineup looks really good to me.
I don’t especially want to pay a thousand dollars for one …


I thought so too. I think it’s a good business model for people that don’t mind it. It’s more like lenses with sensors rather than a body with fixed lenses. And the great thing is, each lens can be configured for its own settings. I think that Sony should do the same and release a RX2 and RX3 with fixed lengths.


I like your idea for the RX1 too. You could have three RX1s for the price of one Leica M/35 🙂


That’s what they built the X-series for. Carries multiple bodies with fixed lenses is an absurd idea when reasonable interchangeable lens alternatives exist.


Yes it is absurd but still a bag smaller than your 60D and four lenses 😉


Would it be a bag larger than one to carry a small camera with 3 short primes? Comparing to what I use is irrelevant as that’s not the solution being proposed.


No one was proposing a solution chief, just having a little fun. Your gear list shows four lenses for your 60D. Lighten up, you’ll live longer…

David Rossberg

“the world’s most impressive lines of lenses, cameras and flashes,”

I’m very very impressed with Sigma overall, but for them to proclaim that their flashes is among the worlds most impressive they must’ve been exposed to a little too much radiation lately.


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