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I actually just singed up after reading this post… I’ve only visited DPR with frequency about once every three years, whenever I’ve decided to upgrade my point and shoot. (went from some 1MP Kodak to a Canon A80 or A90-something to a Canon SD870 to a Sony HX5v)

Was about to spring for another travel zoom (wifi seems like something I’d use a ton on the go) buuut…

Lately I’ve been researching higher end compacts instead (S110, DMC-LF1, RX100, leaning towards the Panasonic atm) and m43/NEX mirrorless systems (independently of the compact, for an end of year gift); the newsletter seems like the most friction-less way for non-regulars to stay on top of new content. /shrug

I can’t be alone in this pattern… Heck, I don’t even allow the sites I visit daily to post content within my social streams, those are busy enough as it is. Y’all just hating for hatin’s sake. :p

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