Sizing it up: Our Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1 Review

Actually don’t get the fuss around the GM1? Ok it IS nice, sure. What I actually don’t get is why everyone is going ga-ga over it, yet at the same time shun the E-PM2 as being the ‘beginners’ camera? It is 10mm taller, 10mm wider and 3mm thicker. That isn’t a whole hell of a lot really (also DPR, why no comparison shot?). Thing is though, that unless using the ‘kit’ lens, the GM1 is a bit more awkward with existing m43’s lenses, potentially needing the grip to make it that bit taller.

The E-PM2 on the other hand had the same great AF as the OM-D, the same sensor etc, it was basically a mini OM-D in a tiny body… But no, it’s labelled as a lame duck. Adding to this that the E-PM2 has a hotshoe, can take an EVF (including the well regarded one from the E-M1) or OVF and it has IBIS all at a considerably cheaper price… I just don’t get it?

To be continued…

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