Slideshow: Finalists for the 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Finalists for the 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards recently announced its 44 top images for 2020. Finalists include a smiley fish, a fox in negotiations with a mouse, and a photobombing giraffe. Founded by photographers and conservationists Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam, the global competition is free to enter and aims to showcase the funniest takes on animals in the wild.

The top prize includes a week-long safari in Kenya. There is also a People’s Choice Award that anyone can vote for by clicking on their favorite image. Category and Overall Winners, chosen by a panel of judges including the competition founders, along with the Telegraph’s online travel editor, Oliver Smith, will be announced October 22nd.

Finalist: ‘Smiley’ by Arthur Telle Thiemenn

Animal: Sparisoma cretense

Location of Shot: El Hierro, Canary Islands

Finalist: ‘Tough Negotiations’ by Ayala Fishaimer

Animal: Fox

Location of Shot: Israel

Finalist: ‘Spreading the Wildlife Gossip’ by Bernhard Esterer

Animal: Lions

Location of Shot: Kalahari Desert

Finalist: ‘Crashing into the Picture’ by Brigitte Alcalay Marcon

Animal: Giraffe

Location of Shot: Etosha National Park, Nambia

Finalist: ‘I Could Puke’ by Christina Holfelder

Animal: Gentoo penguin

Location of Shot: Falkland Islands

Finalist: ‘The Inside Joke’ by Femke van Willigen

Animal: Eurasian red squirrel

Location of Shot: Espelo, the Netherlands

Finalist: ‘Lamentation!’ by Jacques Poulard

Animal: Polar bear

Location of Shot: Spitzberg, Germany

Finalist: ‘Like Mother, Like Daughter’ by Jagdeep Rajput

Animal: Asian elephant

Location of Shot: Corbett National Park, India

Finalist: ‘Just Chillin” by Jill Neff

Animal: Racoon

Location of Shot: Jackson, Ohio, USA

Finalist: ‘I Think this Tyre’s Gonna be Flat’ by Kay Kotzian

Animal: Grizzly bears

Location of Shot: Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA

Finalist: ‘Having a Laugh’ by Ken Crossan

Animal: Common seal

Location of Shot: Caithness, Scotland

Finalist: ‘Wait up Mommy, Look What I Got for You!’ by Kunal Gupta

Animal: Elephant

Location of Shot: Kaziranga, India

Finalist: ‘Terry the Turtle Flipping the Bird’ by Mark Fitzpatrick

Animal: Turtle

Location of Shot: Lady Elliot Island, Queensland Australia