Smashing Conference Live — Day 1


Tim Kadlec talks about the importance of performance:

He’s given some great advice on setting a performance budget. Make sure that your page doesn’t go over that budget. This gives you a framework to decide whether you include a feature in your site or not. For example, your client wants you to add a carousel – to stay within budget you can decide to either:

  1. Optimize – optimize the carousel
  2. Remove – remove something else from the website
  3. Don’t include it at all. If something isn’t important enough to replace something there then it doesn’t need to be on your website.

This framework gives you something tangible to talk about with your boss or clients and helps you to make decisions.

@tkadlec "the web is getting fat!" #smashingconf

Respect the people that come to your site:

  • respect their time, don’t make them waste their time waiting for your website to load.
  • respect their money – people on a mobile network can get charged a lot of money to download your website.
  • respect their desire for content.

Embrace constraints!

Here are some notes by @verpixelt:

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