Sony adds XAVC S support to Cyber-shot DSC-RX10

You never have had a Sony DSC-V1, or Sony DSC-R1, don’t you?
Both received a Firmware 2.0 Upgrade long time ago, whereas the V1 was the 1st Sony Digicam with Flashrom into it’s heyday.

The Sony Alpha DSLR Series also have had many updates, and serveral NEX, too. It’s nice to see the RX10 got better, because as it already does have the “Bionz-X” Processor, i was wondering when (or if) Sony would update to XAVC S months ago – to get a bit better against the FZ1000 Lumix. Anyway, i currently don’t care about that 4k Marketing Hype – and the plastique Build of the FZ1000 sucks – the RX10 is quite better that way, and also does have the better lens,
but the FZ1000 does have a better EVF, because it’s newer

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