Sony Alpha 7 II real-world sample gallery posted

No @ulfie, your remark is not just an opinion, it’s a misinformed statement.

You said: “[The picture] is smeary-noisy as heck for ISO 640 full-frame no less! At this ISO full-frame should be crisp and sharp.”

And I’m telling you you can’t say ‘for an ISO 640 shot’. The definition of ISO is not as straightforward when you add post-processing to the mix. If you lift tones 3 stops, you can’t just say that that’s how the camera performs at ISO 640. At that point, you have to add 3 EV to the ISO rating, and say it’s how the camera performs at ISO 5000.

In other words, as if the camera applied 3 EV extra gain to the original exposure (shutter speed & aperture don’t change, of course, when you lift the exposure 3 EV). In other words, for this shot, Dan could’ve dialed in ISO 5000 to get the same exposure of midtones (assuming it was a 3 EV push he did; I’m not sure, but it’s thereabouts). But then he would’ve blown highlights, so he did it selectively in post.

Make sense?

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