Sony Alpha 7 review: Full-frame mirrorless is here

I just wonder how many who are posting here actually own the camera and therefore have first hand experience of it, or are they merely repeating what they’ve read and in doing so have formed their own, unsubstantiated opinion?
For the record I own it and whilst it is not perfect, which camera is, its blend of features and performance make it a solid performer. No issues with its jpegs, but its RAW is superior.

Pixel peeping is helpful only in looking at how a camera performs at the extreme, and seeing how another camera performs under the same shooting conditions, but it otherwise has no meaning for everyday shooting.

And for those intrigued by the lossless 14/12 bit RAW argument, I was intrigued too, so have a look here and make up your own mind:

12Bit Vs 14Bit Raw And Compressed Vs Uncompressed… Does It Matter?

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