Sony Alpha 7S added to test scene comparison tool

I downloaded some of the A7s raws from Imaging-Resource, and the higher ISO ones, say above 12,800, don’t really compete with the Nikon D4s. (I have my own D4s raws shot into deep shadow, with bad lighting adjacent.)

The Sony is close but not as good for noise control and colour at say ISO 25,600–and the Nikon remains useable thru about ISO 40,000, while the Sony not really.

Given the fact that the Sony has fewer pixels in the same space, I’d expected the Sony to do a bit better.

Going to prove that Nikon knows something about processing the signal from the sensor that Sony doesn’t, I’d guess. Now one way to help the Sony would be to use Zeiss lenses, but manual focus Zeisses would help the Nikon too. Or now there’s the AF Sigma 50mm “Art” for the Nikon mount–or will be.

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