Sony announces Alpha 7 II full-frame mirrorless camera with 5-axis IS

I’m sorry but this is your own mistake, take some responsibility rather than trying to ‘blame the internet’. For one thing the A7 and A7R were released at exactly the same time, it wasn’t added as they went. Secondly the A7S was developed at the same time as the A7R and A7, it’s sensor and other differences were the cause for delayed release of that model, it was intended to be released with the others.

Then you want to talk about how Sony should have listened, by doing what exactly!? By releasing a model that takes on those criticisms? Or did you expect them to do that 3 months after release? This IS that model, just 12 months later taking on board many (most) of the things people didn’t like about the first gen, they can’t magically ‘undo’ what you didn’t like about the camera you decided to buy.

As for IBIS, seriously? Considering that this is the first E-Mount camera to have IBIS, the first Sony to have this type of 5-axis IBIS and the first full frame to have 5-axis IBIS, but no they just had it laying around and thought ‘oh nobody is going to want this, stick it on the trash pile’… Believe it or not things take time to implement into a shipping product. Just because you thought it should have IBIS doesn’t mean Sony was ready to ship something like that. Heck 2 days ago lots of the internet experts you seem to listen to said that it couldn’t be done on E-Mount cameras, certainly not full frame ones.

Sure feel ‘justified’ that you were ‘right’, you aren’t ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ but in the end Sony did listen to you and people like you who thought the same things you did and have released a product aimed to rectify your qualms. But take some responsibility that you decided to buy something that *you* weren’t completely happy with.

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