Sony Australia releases a3500 with new kit lens

Yes SteveY80, so true…

Paul1974: an A3500 better in what?
Today E-mount, mostly have no: IBIS, x-fine Jpeg, no huge lenses choice, no compatibility with Hasselblad-HV system, no compatibility with A-mount lenses except with an adapter, no compatibility with A-mount legacy battery cameras and accessories, low res LCD and EVF, no articulated LCD, no wireless flash, limited exposure compensation to 3 EV (flash 2 EV) instead 5 EV, no microphone port (nor headphones), no GPS, and so on. And probably the lack of keys features such as AF-lock toggle etc) So what? … E-mount are certainly great cameras for some specific needs and portability, but imho, we mix apples and oranges E-here 🙂

Yes, I said “we” zkz5, for the rest of us 😉

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