Sony branches off audio and video business but remains committed to sensor development

Heya DFP, TBH if I were looking to jump into a ML system to call home right now, I would either go with Samsung or MFT. The advantage of MFT is that aside from having the most mature ML lens line, in order for the mount to completely fail, both Panasonic and Olympus must both bow out.

Samsung on the other hand seem to be doing everything right, from TVs to phones to cameras. They are innovative and keep surprising people, I don’t think they are a risky bet even if they are less known in cameras.

The only other option is to start looking at all in one bodies, such as LX/RX, that way you get a decent body but are not locked into any system. For me, the LX100 a real possibility to use just as a video cam in the near future.

I just started a thread 2 days ago on Sony selling off their gaming division called SOE (I play planetside 2, which was owned by SOE). It’s now owned by DayBreak Game Co. Last year it was Sony Vaio now this. Just saying, they look real unstable.

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