Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 M3 : real world sample images

I guess I am shocked at how ordinary these examples look, I was prepared to be blown away and feel under pressure to buy a new camera. Everyone is frothing at the mouth at how good it is in the dark, but I shoot in the dark about 1% of the time, of course some people may shoot in the dark 99% so this will be a good camera for them. A good picture is more than just having low noise, and yet that seems to be the emphasis in these comments. it needs consistant and accurate WB, some of these shots look way off, too much cyan.

For me, this camera would deliver a lot of what I don’t need, so fine, people can say, then don’t buy it, but that’s not the point of these comments, we are here to say what we think of the examples, and I think they are poor.

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