Sony patent hints at RX compact with even greater pocket power


As for your information Sony stock is rated JUNK at Wallstreet. Their Imaging division is loosing hundreds of millions of dollars every year, for years already.

The innovation does NOT come from Sony imaging, but from their components division. Thats a very diffrent Sony then Sony Imaging.

Sony Components is an OEM manufacturer delivering those patents to all companies that want to use their technology. They sell it out and receive money for letting them use their technology. Hence the reason why so many camera manufacturers are using Sony sensors.

For so far your knowledge of large companies is NULL.

A company is run by investors, wanting to make money out of their investment, not by camera enthousiasts like you!

If Sony Imaging keeps performing like they do today, there will be no more Sony camera’s in 5 years time. Mark my words! Still there will be many companies using Sony sensors and technology developed by their component division.

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