Sony releases two new apps for the NEX-5R and NEX-6

Fake ‘God rays’ added with Light Shaft app Multiple exposures combined into one scene using Motion Shot

Sony has released two new apps on their PlayMemories App Store for owners of their Wi-Fi-equipped NEX-5R and NEX-6 cameras. The new apps, Light Shaft and Motion Shot, are now available in the PlayMemories App Store for $4.99 each.

Light Shaft lets you add Ray, Star, Flame, and Beam effects to photos you’ve already taken. Sony’s examples show include adding ‘God Rays’ to a photo, or a lens flare effect to a diamond ring.

Motion Shot takes a series of exposures, isolates the moving subject (such as a skier), and superimposes them over a fixed background. 





You bought the camera knowing what it had…the option…see that word OPTION to add more features after you but it is awesome but nobody forces you to do so…people always have something dumb to complain about :/

Scott Greiff

At $4.99 a piece to add “functionality” to your camera, “Shaft” is indeed appropriate.


Hey now!


And you bought a camera that is never able to add more “functionality”, other than buying a new model.

That’s far more pathetic “shaft”

$4.99 vs $900 buying a new model

dr jim

Really?? $4.99? That’s less than a Whopper Deluxe. I don’t know what you shoot, but what do they charge for these add on apps? Oh, I see………sorry ’bout that.

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