Sony reportedly shifting focus to full-frame cameras

I’m curious just how big the market is for people to buy a $1000 a7 and then a whole bunch of $1000+ lenses.

There’s the kit zoom and used/grey marketZony f4 standard zoom, the 28 mm + adapters, the slow (and tiny) 35 mm f2.8, and then used/grey market 55. That’s it for less than $1000 lenses.

Is their goal to have a high profit margin in ILCs? Sure, the a7 family will give them that. Largest market-share? I’m skeptical. They need more <$1000 lenses to keep their impressive market share if they’re going to completely abandon the APS-C line.

If they’re going after well-to-do enthusaists “pro” market, and they’re happy with high margins, sure, keep the $1000+ line coming – MF Loxia, AF Batis, G Macro, 70-200 f4, Zony 16-35.

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