Sony RX10 added to enthusiast compact buying guide

To help lazy readers:

By R Butler:
The GR, X100S, Coolpix A, Sigma DPMs and possibly the Canon G1X would fall into a more specialist class, but we’re probably not going to have a chance to cover those, this time ’round.

By Andy Westlake:
We’ve reviewed most of those cameras in detail. The only ones missing are the Sigma DP Merrills (which we struggle to recommend for most users, as they’re highly reliant on Sigma Photo Pro for Raw conversion, which can produce great output but is painfully slow and clunky), and the Leica X2, which is pretty much eclipsed by the X100S.

If you’re buying in this class, I’d say the choice looks pretty simple. Pick whether you want a 35mm-equiv or 28mm-equiv lens. If 28mm, buy the GR, unless you have Nikon accessories which you can (and will) use with the Coolpix A. If 35mm, buy the X100S, unless you have a really good reason to pick the RX1.

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