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A group of industrial design students in South Africa has introduced SOOC Studio, a portable photography studio with integrated LED lighting sold in limited regions by their company WhiteBison. SOOC Studio folds into a compact shape that resembles a large handbag, and features both a handle and a shoulder strap for carrying. When unfolded, it transforms into a white photography studio with integrated 6000K LED strips.

When folded, SOOC Studio measures 570 x 490 x 150mm (22.4 x 19.3 x 5.9 in), and when unfolded it offers a photography space measuring 450 x 400 x 300mm (17.7 x 15.7 x 11.8 in). It includes a washable white infinity curve to create a seamless background. The studio is made from (unspecified) ‘durable fabrics’, according to WhiteBison.

SOOC Studio is available now for R3,599.00 (approx. $290 USD) from WhiteBison. The product is made in South Africa and is available to customers there; it’s unclear in which other regions it’s available. We’ve asked them for more information and will update this story when we receive it.