Style it out

Calendars are a classic Christmas gift; this year they’re also a glamorous option thanks to the 2012 Style Calendar. Put together by art director Daniel Baer of Studio Baer, who regularly collaborates with leading fashion and art photographers and designed Rinko Kawauchi’s book Illuminance for Aperture, plus Joanna Schlenzka, fashion director at Mixt(e) magazine, the calendar includes photographs by cutting-edge photographers Daniel Sannwald, Yelena Yemchuk, Esther Teichmann and Johan Sandberg, along with established great Serge Leblon.
Baer and Schlenzka opted for a calendar as it allowed them to showcase 12 different photographers; each photographer was given one day to shoot a single image, a luxury in an industry where a whole story often has to be shot in that time. The pair carefully chose which photographers they wanted to collaborate with and set the direction for each image, but at the same time giving them room to be creative. “When you are trying to put together 12 images you can’t just let them run,” comments Baer. “All images need to connect with each other visually and create a consistent body of work.”
Baer and Schlenzka started commissioning the project in March and had finished it by August; they printed up 1500 copies and are selling it for £22 (or €25 or $43). Influential style shop Colette has picked it up, but you can also buy it online via a dedicated website, which includes films by Teichmann and Sannwald, and things are going so well that the pair are already planning a 2013 version. “I like it because its functional,” says Baer. “And no two images look the same.”

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