16-05-10 Last Of The Summer (Wine)In the last week on dPS we’ve posted a couple of tutorials that focus upon the ‘Sun’ in different ways with our posts Using the Sun as a Compositional Element and How to Use Sunset Light to Light Portraits.

So – today I’m issuing you with a challenge that could allow you to practice those techniques (and a followup to last weeks Silhouette challenge). Your challenge is to take and share a photo that fits into the theme of ‘sunlight’.

Feel free to take the theme in any direction – it is intentionally broad. You may choose to take a portrait by sunlight, take advantage of the Golden Hour, shoot a sunset or sunrise, shoot in the midday sun or even experiment with capturing some artistic lens flare.

It is totally up to you.

Once you’ve taken your ‘Sunlight’ image and have upload it to your favourite photo sharing site either share a link to it or – embed it in the comments using the our new tool to do so.

If you tag your photos on Flickr, Instagram, Twitter or other sites with Tagging tag them as #DPSSUNLIGHT to help others find them. Linking back to this page might also help others know what you’re doing so that they can share in the fun.

Also – don’t forget to check out some of the images posted in our last challenge – Silhouette challenge where there were some great images submitted.