Talking Critically About Images Helps Us All In Our Craft

ArtHistoryI’d like publicly thank Scott Hargis for the time he puts into the judging and giving feedback comments on the PFRE Photographer of the month entries. If you look at the comments on this months contest contestants, you’ll see that he’s commented on almost all of the 32 entries this month. This takes a lot of time, and the comments are insightful

As I told Scott I’ve only met a few people that can talk as analytically about images as he can. One of the reasons I loved Art History class is that the professor I had talked about images like Scott does. She talked about space, a lines and composition and how the viewer’s attention moves through the image. I think to make strong effective images we need to know how images work and how the viewer interacts with the image. Strong images are not accidents.

The consistent strength of Scott’s images show that he has thought a lot about how images work and what makes images effective. This is what makes his feedback contest contestants so valuable. It’s valuable for the contestants, and it’s valuable to just go through and look at the entries and read his feedback.

I’d like to encourage others to participate this critical image discussion and feel free to say more than, “I like it”. Why does it work, or not work for you? This contest is a great educational opportunity.

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