Tamas Dezso offers glimpse into post-Communist Romania

ogl, without the help and the money from EU those counties would have ended up in a huge and bloody war with total anarchy and a real total collapse and even more poverty. Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, Estonia and other countries benefit A LOT from the richer countries of EU, even if they don’t want to admit. Anyway, EU is a FREE organization, based on total freedom to leave any time a member likes to, unlike the Soviet regime, which was based on a totalitarian, non-democratic dictatorship ruled by the Soviet Union and the puppets they had in the other countries, like Honecker in DDR, Kadar in Hungary, CeauČ™escu in Romania, Zhivkov in Bulgaria and so on. Currently corruption is a HUGE problem in those countries, which is also not EU’s fault.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2014/01/19/tamas-dezso-offers-glimpse-into-post-communist-romania-documentary-photography