The Mystery of Night Photography – 35 Images of the Night

By Billy Wilson

One of my favorite classes that I teach is on night photography. I find that many beginners haven’t yet ventured out into the dark of night and I love introducing them to the wonders of night photography, and showing them the possibilities. Things like light painting, orb making, fire spinning, zooming exposures and star trails are some of the exciting things possible at night.

Let’s take a look at a few night photography images to get fired up!

By Dustin Diaz

By H. Raab

By DomiKetu

By earsaregood

By Alexander Kesselaar

By Lotus Carroll

By Jeff P

By David Kingham

By Kevin Cole

By Logan Brumm

By Kris Williams

By Chris Luckhardt

By Toby Keller

By Bala Sivakumar

By Joe Penniston

By Howard Ignatius

By Howard Ignatius

By Lotus Carroll

By William Cho

By ben matthews :::

By Andrea Costa

By Joe Penniston

By Adrien Sifre

By Simon & His Camera

By Carl Jones

By Cedric Lange

By Riccardo Francesconi

By photophilde

By Viewminder

By Duane Schoon

By Justin Brown

By Luz Adriana Villa

By William Cho

By john curley

Learn about how to do night photography here:

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