The PFRE Photographer of The Month For September is… Aaron Flores


Congratulations to Aaron Flores of Tempe, AZ. The PFRE jury has voted Aaron the PFRE photographer for September. Aaron’s winning photograph is on the right. Click on it to view a full size image.

It is fair to say that the jury was very impressed with Aaron’s image. This is the most points that any contestant has ever won this contest by. Also, many jury members commented that there were a number of other very strong images in this months contest. Sebastian Erras’s image took second place.

Here are the voting results:

  1. Aaron Flores– 96
  2. Sebastian Erras – 12
  3. Charles Lynch – 3
  4. Paula Susi – 3
  5. Andrew Mott – 2
  6. Saul Goodwin – 2
  7. Mike Hubrich -2

Here are Aaron’s comments about winning photo:

This image was made at a very architecturally detailed home up in north Scottsdale at the Mirabel Golf Club. For lighting I setup 3-250 watt photo flood lights on the far side of patio (CL) spaced out evenly just to boost the ambient but not over light the image. I then used a CTO gelled speed light to accent light certain parts of the frame, the two stone chair sitting area, the stone around the pool waterfall, and a small pop for the red lounge chairs. I used separate exposures for each and then masked in each frame in Photoshop. I also took a few shots to get a proper exposure for the inside of the master bedroom seen on the right side of the frame. Being that the interior stone wall continued to the exterior and the use of the two window walls giving such a clear shot inside I really wanted to make that apart of the image as well, so I masked in a separate exposure for that as well. This was one of my all time favorite patios I’ve ever shot because of all the detail that was put into it which really made for some great images to be produced.

I’m super excited to have made this months photographer of the month. I’ve been following the contest for quite some time but only recently got the courage to start submitting.

Thanks for everyone’s participation. I’ve put the entrant names and points on all the photos in the pool. Please feel free to comment on all the images.

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