The photographer’s perfect pick? Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 review

I returned this inferior camera. The EVF wheel was stuck not giving adjustment until I rocked it by force. The jpegs are pathetic, not in focus. I took 400 pictures and less than 5 were sharp. And I have not one complain of my other 40 cameras including RX100, RX100III, Fuji X100, D700, D7000, D40, Coolpix A, GR, E-PL7, PL5, PM2, Stylus 1, GM1, etc., not 1 complain. I have heard of a bad batch in the forums, but I just never saw a more pathetic camera.

OK I am not a pro, but I have taken 90,000 pictures and only the LX100 was OOF jpegs OOC. Many have also complained.

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