Long time no chat! Hello! I’ve been digging about for products that are currently on my radar that I wanted to tell you about!

I’ve posted previously about Kickstarter stuff, the last time was another product from the same group of folk out of Bend, Oregon. Nice Industries are skipping along a sweet looking trail of products for the dSLR video producer, or even the 4/3rds / mirror-less video producer. The last product, the one I wrote about previously, was called “Aviator Travel Jib” So, this time I wanted to tell you about a complimentary product called “The Rocket – Travel Slider” You might hear people talk about a “Dolly shot” that’s the nice smooth slide shot – left to right, back and forward… It really does add an extra “something” to your film making that you can’t typically get when handheld or on a static tripod.

Have a look at the THE ROCKET – These guys are doing something right – the Kickstarter was already funded less than 24 hours after launch!

If you’re going to the 2013 NAB Show you can see The Rocket Slider in action at booth 12141, and Zeke may even make you a nice cup of tea!

So I have my very own Aviator Travel Jib now and i’ll be working on an article / review for you all [When I get better at film making!] it is a great little product that has added SO much ‘dynamics’ to my current film making. As well as the Canon 5D MK3, I’ve started using the Olympus OM-D (which I’ve fallen in love with!) and the two together are fantastic! – more on that later… Much more! I’m very much looking forward to getting The Rocket and finishing my film project!


The simplicity is what makes it that little bit more epic… You take the bar ends, the rocket sled and stick them in any old bag, your pipe goes wherever and you’re away! I’ve just priced up some extra light galvanised steel pipe here in Melbourne, it’s $38 for a 6.5M length – that’s with 2mm walls, so you’re going to be able to get a great dolly shot by cutting that in half and using the center support. Pretty excited about where dSLR cameras are taking independent film making right now, much more accessibility for the regular person (me!) to try this and that with the gear a lot of us already have.