The travel photography of HDR guru Trey Ratcliff

you need to read what you wrote:

“They assume that just because they can’t see certain colors and elements of the light spectrum with their eyes, they don’t exist.”

light beyond the visible spectrum HAS NO COLOUR. Colour is, by defintion, a way of describing the visible spectrum

“If you were to visualize the entire known light spectrum as stretching from coast to coast, that which we see with our eyes would be about the width of a dime.”

Thats not true either. The electromagnetic spectrum is, to all intents, as big as you want it to be

“Maybe HDR can be thought of as a step in the direction of seeing more of the wonders of creation that exist beyond the limits of human perception.”

Well, what does this mean?

HDR is using colours – it cannot show anything beyond human perception unless it is using false colour. Make your mind up

I applaud Trey and his excellent techniques which attempt to show our world in a new and different “light”.

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