These Animated GIFs Show the Evolution of Cameras Through History


How have the designs of cameras changed over the past 100 years? The team over at eBay Deals wants to show you. They’ve created a series of animated GIFs showing how the cameras produced by major brands have evolved over the years as styles and technologies changed.

“From the first rangefinder camera in 1916 to Sony’s first DSLR, we’ve covered them all,” the team writes.

The Leica 35mm Rangefinder

The Nikon 35mm SLR

The Pentax 35mm SLR

The Polaroid Instant Camera

The Fujifilm Instant Camera

The Olympus Point and Shoot

The Canon DSLR

The Sony DSLR

You can find a full animated infographic with details about these cameras over on eBay Deals.

(via eBay Deals via Digital Trends)

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