This Peel-Away Polaroid Calendar is a Great Gift for Your Instant Photography-Loving Friends


Here’s a wonderful little gift idea (stocking stuffer perhaps?) that’s sure to impress one of the photography lovers on your list this holiday season. It’s the Poladarium 2015, and it’s a peel-away calendar where each day presents a new Polaroid photograph for you to admire.

Created by German publishers Seltmann + Söhne, it uses a post-it like peel-away method to present 365 Polaroids, each of which includes a well-chosen typeface for the date and provides information about the photographer who took the photograph in a section on the back.






The photographs are printed on high-quality glossy paper, so if there’s one (or twelve… or 365) that you like in particular, you could actually set them aside and hang appropriately on your wall.

To secure your 2015 Poladarium (for the price of approximately $37 USD + whatever it’ll cost to ship to your country) or find out more about the calendar and the company behind it, click here.

(via Fubiz)

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