This Week In Real Estate Video #100 – Great Example Of Property Video For Low-end Property

CharlieDCharlie Dresen, in Steamboat Springs, CO. showed me an example of a new listing he did a property video for.

I think this is an example that shows that property video can work for property that are not upper-end luxury properties. This listing is a $289,000 1326 SF condo at The Ranch in Steamboat Springs.

Charlie said that he and his marketing coordinator (the lady in this video playing the seller) shot this in 1.5 hours doing 3 takes on each scene and then he spent another 1.5 hours editing. Beware though, Charlie makes this look easy but as regular readers of This Week In Real Estate Video know, Charlie is an accomplished videographer and does video for almost every listing he has whether it’s $289,000 or $2.8 M.

I like the simple story line, the seller talking to a friend one the phone about selling her condo, that is used to tell the complete story of this property. Nice job Charlie! I predict that your marketing coordinator has a bright future in property video and film!

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